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"Everything in Life is Vibration"

- Albert Einstein


Welcome to Align My Vibe!

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We all want the same thing in life – to live in a constant and uninterrupted state of feeling safe, loved, free, powerful, peaceful and joyful or any variation of these states. This ‘state of being’ that we desire is a vibration. Any “problem” we have is ultimately only a “problem” because it prevents us from living the vibration that we want to, it is something that stops us from feeling or being loved, peaceful and powerful.

But what if we could live in our desired vibration all of the time?

What if we claimed our power to decide, determine and maintain our own vibration despite the circumstances around us?

What if we could know and live our purpose, achieve our goals and manifest our dreams simply by being true to ourselves and sustaining the vibration we decide we want to have?

Using the power of Kinesiology and Energy Medicine,

I believe we can.

We just need to know how!

Align My Vibe is a practical method that empowers you to take responsibility for your own vibe (and your life!).   

Align My Vibe is a methodology designed for people who do not want become practitioners in Kinesiology but who want to know how to use its techniques for themselves and their family, business or lifestyle.

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Learn the Art of Kinesiology for Yourself and Your Family


Kinesiology is a wonderful healing modality that we ALL have access to and can benefit from. There is no 'special' pass required to talk to your own body!

Align My Vibe is a simple and practical method of balancing the body's energies that you can use for yourself and your family.

Align My Vibe provides a framework for using Kinesiology in a simple, consistent and methodical way so that you can get those 'wow' results from muscle-testing and energy balancing. 


Start Your Alignment Adventure




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Align My Vibe Foundation Workshop


The Align My Vibe Foundation Workshop is the start of your adventure into the wonderful world of Kinesiology and Energy Medicine.

It teaches you how to accurately muscle-test yourself and others and introduces you to the Align My Vibe Model. It covers simple Kinesiology techniques and introduces you to your first protocol for tapping into your Essence and defining your Desired Vibe. 

This workshop provides the foundation you need to start learning the Align My Vibe protocols and balancing techniques so that you can build your complete set of 'power tools.'

The adventure starts here.

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I was lucky enough to attend Belinda’s very 1st Align My Vibe Foundation Workshop, and what a day it was! The perfect blend of listening and hands on learning. A great size group and a beautiful energy in the room from the moment we began. I walked away energised and empowered to start applying what I learnt. Belinda has such a depth of knowledge which she unconditionally shares in such an authentic way. She’ll continue to touch the lives of many, and in doing so their lives will be all the richer for it. Mine is. - Alexandra André 

Thanks for the amazing workshop, and for sharing yourself and your knowledge so generously. Everything was very organised and easy to understand. The course was exactly what I needed and I’ve been practicing self-testing consistently since. I self-test on things like supplements, what to eat, and what items of clothing to buy haha! Getting to know my “self”is also one of my homework along with the energy question, so self-testing has been perfect. - Waverlea
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I’ve been a client of Belinda's for 4 years now. Seeing Belinda is always very reassuring, calming yet energising, and positive, so to have her offer these additional ‘Align my Vibe’ workshops was a blessing! In the first workshop, we learned the art of muscle testing and some kinesiology tools for self use and/or trying on family and friends. The content, explained clearly by Belinda, was impeccable and such professional effort and care went into the workbooks she created. All of us had the opportunity to practice muscle testing on each other and work out desired states, followed by affirming meditation. We are now equipped with vibe booster tools and ways to clear the blockers. Loved making the personalised essential oil spray too.  Incredible comprehensive workshops Belinda, well done! Hope that these are the beginning of many many more. - Lou

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